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TPG Lighting has an outstanding reputation in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Our experts believe in the impact that quality lighting can make on your property. If you’re interested in lighting installation services in Orlando, you’re in the right spot!

At TPG Lighting, our experts offer a variety of lighting installation services. We specialize in permanent and temporary exterior lighting such as landscape lighting, permanent roof-line lighting, patio/bistro string lighting, and holiday or Christmas lighting. With the right lighting set-up, you can improve the atmosphere of your home or business, increase visibility, and provide additional security.

Do you need lighting installation services in Orlando, FL or surrounding areas? Contact us today for a consultation. View our full christmas catalogue for more ideas.

Lighting Installation Services

Exterior lighting is an efficient way to highlight walkways, patios, and other areas of your property.
If your home or business needs any exterior lighting, our team is ready to serve you. Take a look at the different types of lighting installation services our team provides.

Permanent Roof-Line Lights

Keep your property illuminated 24/7 with quality roof-line permanent exterior lighting. This flexible lighting solution will add an extra layer of safety to your home at night. It also adds value by improving the curb appeal of your property.

Permanent Tree Wraps

Nothing puts us in the festive spirit like a well-lit tree. Our team specializes in weather-resistant lighting that stays in place year-round. We can install your choice of lighting around the tree trunks and branches to make every day feel like a holiday.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can illuminate your property once the sun goes down. This property enhancement can make your property safer at night. It can also provide nighttime aesthetics, so you can enjoy the way your property looks 24/7.

Holiday Light Installation

Lighting can help set the mood for any holiday season. Our experts don’t pack up after the Christmas season. We want to make sure Orlando residents have lights for all their celebrations. We also provide lighting displays for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.

Christmas Lights Installation

Christmas is our favorite time of the year. We aspire to make every Orlando resident’s holiday season merrier with quality Christmas light installation. We can install captivating Christmas lights that will light up your home or business. Santa will be able to find your house this year!

Patio / Bistro Lights

Some of the best summer memories are made on your patio. Our experts can improve your patio space with practical and decorative lighting. This extra touch can make your favorite outdoor hangout spot more appealing.

Why Your Orlando Property Needs Permanent Exterior Lighting

If you take pride in your Orlando property, permanent exterior lighting is an excellent way to show it off. permanent exterior lighting is becoming more popular with homeowners because of how versatile it is. It’s one of the best choices for exterior lighting, especially around patios, gardens, and poolside areas. LED lighting can be used to highlight specific areas of your property.

Here are some benefits of permanent exterior lighting:

  • Adds Value: Upgrading your property by installing permanent exterior lighting can add value to your property by increasing your curb appeal and visibility.
  • Increases Safety and Security: By increasing visibility around your property, trip hazards are mitigated, crime is deterred, and safety of the property is increased.
  • Beautification: Why only enjoy your property during the daytime? Adding permanent exterior/landscape lighting is a great way to extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor space by accenting the natural beauty of your property and increasing  your curb-appeal.

What is permanent exterior lighting? There are many kinds of exterior lighting including landscape lighting, permanent roof-line lighting, permanent tree wraps, and bistro lighting just to name a few. They are typically used in homes and businesses as accent lighting. With RGB and traditional options available, people have more flexibility than ever when designing their lighting display.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the most common installation requests we get from our Florida customers.

  • Landscape Lighting: Adding this lighting system can help you accent specific aspects of your property such as columns, trees, bushes, walkways, etc.
  • Permanent Roof-Line Lighting: With total control from your smart-phone, this lighting option allows the celebration of any holiday or event with millions of colors and animations to choose from.
  • Bistro Lighting: Sometimes called string-lighting, this classic look provides a relaxed feel for any outdoor space.
  • Permanent Tree Wraps: Who says lights on trees should only be on during the holidays? This option allows these trees to be lit year-round and grows with the tree.

Our team has a 100% satisfaction rating with our permanent lighting installation services. Customers love how low maintenance their new lighting scheme is. Most LED lights used for permanent exterior lighting last for several years. They also use less energy than traditional light fixtures.

Enchanting Christmas Lights Kissimmee: Illuminate Your Holidays

Experience the magic of the season with TPG Lighting LLC’s enchanting Christmas lights in Kissimmee! Our dazzling decorations will transform your surroundings into a colorful symphony of festive glow, bringing cheer and joy to your holidays. Illuminate your space with bright and vibrant lights that create a cheerful atmosphere for all to enjoy. Let our expert team guide you through the perfect lighting setup, incorporating the latest technology to ensure your display is anything but ordinary. Elevate your holiday experience with TPG Lighting LLC and bask in the warm and inviting glow of a truly magical Christmas.

Festive Brilliance: Premier Christmas Light Installation Orlando

Elevate your holiday spirit with TPG Lighting LLC’s premier Christmas light installation in Orlando. Our expert team specializes in transforming your space into a festive wonderland, offering an extensive selection of items and holiday decorations. Experience the versatility of our designs, from adorning your Christmas tree with twinkling mini lights to outlining your home with the vibrant glow of string lights. Whether you prefer the elegance of icicle lights or the enchantment of pathway lights, our collection offers a diverse range in length, color, and style. Trust TPG Lighting LLC to bring festive brilliance to your Orlando home with our unparalleled Christmas light installations.

Radiant Holiday Magic: Christmas Lights Celebration, FL

Embark on a journey of enchantment with TPG Lighting LLC’s Radiant Holiday Magic: Christmas Lights in Celebration, FL. Our expertly crafted displays will illuminate the heart of your festivities, transforming your surroundings into a dazzling spectacle of holiday joy. From intricately designed motifs to vibrant and festive color palettes, our Christmas lights capture the spirit of the season. Allow TPG Lighting LLC to turn Celebration, FL into a magical winter wonderland, creating unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones.


The experts at TPG Lighting have many years of experience. We have brought decorative lights to many parts of Orlando, including Sanford, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, Oviedo, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Apopka, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Lake Nona, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, Celebration, and many other cities in the Greater Orlando area. We have always been passionate about using lighting to make the every day a celebration (Especially the holidays)!


Our team at TPG Lighting takes a lot of pride in our permanent and temporary lighting displays. We provide a customer-focused approach from the design process all the way through the installation to make sure that you are involved every step of the way. Your Orlando home or business deserves to be showcased, and we would love the opportunity to highlight your property with an amazing lighting display.


We take pride in helping Florida residents light up their gardens, patios, exterior, and other parts of their homes or businesses. We offer free consultations to all customers in the Orlando, FL area to help them choose the best lighting solutions. If you’re interested in lighting installation, contact us today to book your free consultation!

Improve Your Orlando Property With Quality Lighting

At TPG Lighting, we understand that every customer needs a different style of lighting. We make sure to tailor each design to what the customer is looking for. Your home or business can benefit from permanent exterior lighting solutions in so many ways, and we hope you will allow us the opportunity to light up your property and show you what you’ve been missing. Permanent exterior lighting is very flexible in how it’s installed with so many options out there. Feel free to check out some of our work to get some ideas of your own!

A lot of property owners put time and effort into how they decorate their spaces. The right accent lighting can highlight how the space is decorated. It’s an excellent way to light up your home or business to illuminate the beautiful features of your property in Orlando, FL.

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The team at TPG Lighting is ready to help you illuminate your property. Whether you have a full plan in mind or just have questions about how we can improve your space, we’re happy to help. Give us a call at 407-413-0442 or click here to fill out a short form. We look forward to lighting up Orlando

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Our customers don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to Christmas lights or other celebration lights. Once you’re done celebrating, our team with take down your holiday lights and keep them in storage until next year. The best part is, storage is completely free!

The team at TPG Lighting is here to help. We create lighting plans for all types of properties. Let us know your ideas or which styles and colors you like, and we will do the rest. Don’t worry, we will always get your approval of the plan before we start.

The price of our lighting installation varies, depending on which service you request and the size of your property. We know every customer is working with a different budget in mind. Let us know your budget and we will create a plan that matches it.

With our lighting solutions, you won’t have to change a light bulb every few months. We use LED lighting, which lasts an average of 8 to 12 years. Customers throughout Orlando love our low-maintenance lighting installations.

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