Christmas Light Installation in Orlando, FL

At Christmas, all roads should lead to your sparkling home!

Your home is unique, and it’s catered to your taste, and there’s no reason to compromise on lighting when Christmas comes around. Going to see Christmas lighting can be an event in itself, especially when you’re living in Orlando. When you want your home to shine but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Orlando can be called a bustling city in its own right, with more than twelve theme parks. It’s safe to say that amidst the spectacular lighting of various theme parks around Christmas, you’d want your home to stand out too.

When you’re looking to hire a professional Christmas light installation that helps your home look its best, TPG Lighting in Orlando is able to cater to your needs.

You don’t need to worry about looking for Christmas lighting at your local departmental store when our capable experts are surveying your home and providing the best lighting possible to deck out your home in all its Christmas glory. 

A Design to Call Your Very Own: When you buy lights for your home by yourself, you might not know how to customize them in a way that makes your home look good. You might even find it challenging to find lights that wrap around your home perfectly without any adjustments. This is where we come in. We use the highest quality lights and decorations and have the experience necessary to custom fit these items to your home. Our planning the process not only takes into consideration the colors of the lights you want in your home but how you want them styled as well. Whether you have a vision or an inspiration photo that you want your home to transform into, we won’t rest until you are fully satisfied with the result. Our outdoor Christmas light installation service includes roof-line lights, greenery such as wreaths and garland, tree wraps, bush lights, and much more, meaning there are no limitations to your vision when it comes to achieving the perfect Christmas lighting for your home.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Christmas is when you should be surrounded by loved ones, and no chores should come in the way of that. Installing lighting around Christmas can be a time-consuming task, and it can impact the time you can spend with those you love. When you don’t want to get into the lighting mess but still want your home to look pretty, that’s what we’re here for! From the time you book a consultation with us, we make sure to work fast and efficiently to get your dream lighting in place. We take you through the planning process so that the lighting can be customized for your home quickly. Our technicians have been adeptly working in Orlando for years, making them the finest in their field when it comes to professionally handling any type of lighting.

Eliminate electrical dangers: Your home can be exposed to various dangers when the lighting isn’t installed by experts. With expert technicians, you never have to worry about a fire breaking out in your home or someone getting electrocuted. At TPG Lighting, our technicians take the utmost precautions to ensure that your Christmas lighting is safely installed. Our Christmas lighting installation company ensures that your home is safer when Christmas comes around. Spectators can marvel at your home’s lighting, and you won’t have to be worried about any stray wires.

Lighting That Delivers: Whether you’re looking for colored lighting or want a more traditional design, you need lighting that delivers quality and functionality. When visiting a lighting store, you might believe that the more expensive lighting is, the safer and more functional it will be. However, that’s not always the case, and it can depend on what type of home you have. When looking for safe, functional, and quality lighting, you need experts who know what they’re doing. We help you achieve the Christmas lighting of your dreams with no worries about repairs or replacements. Since the lights are leased out from us, any unpredicted repairs or replacements are on us, not you. Be merrier this Christmas when you know your lighting is covered by TPG Lighting.

Hassle-free Clean-up: Christmas nostalgia is a real thing, and it can make it a miserable time cleaning up, especially when you’ve got a complicated lighting setup. Leave the burdensome and time-consuming task of tearing down the decorations to us too! We dismantle and take off your lighting installation in no time. When you get your Christmas light installation from us, we take care of it from start to finish. We put your custom lights in storage throughout the year, so when next Christmas rolls around, you don’t have to worry about your lighting all over again. We help you set up your customized Christmas lighting every year without fail.

It’s Time To Get Your Home Ready for Christmas: 

Are you looking to make this Christmas a blast for you and your family? Lighting your home perfectly can contribute to your Christmas festivities when you work with TPG Lighting in Orlando. Get a free consultation with us when you’re ready to make your home Christmas-ready!


Start With A FREE Consultation

Bringing an advanced lighting display to your home has never been easier with our professional lighting installation service. Whether it’s for landscape lighting or holiday lighting, we always start with a budget. We can build a $2,000 or a $200,000 display, so a little guidance with the budget goes a long way in the design process to help you get the most bang for you buck. With hundreds of unique ways to customize your property, there are no limits to how amazing we can make your property look. The only limit is your imagination!

Front of House

Crafting A Unique Design

Our team will take your ideas and turn them into reality by designing and assembling the lights and features you want. Whether it’s your roofline, hardscapes, trees, shrubs, lawn, or other features of your home or business, we have the lights and the equipment to install them safely and without damaging your property in the process. Once we all agree on the design, we can order the product and come to your property and install the lights.

Worry-Free Installation

Once we have scheduled the installation, our professional experienced team of light installers will outfit your home or business with lights using only the best and lowest-impact methods according to manufacturers recommendations. We have the equipment and safety gear to ensure a safe installation no matter where it is.


Light Takedown & Free Storage

After the season ends and you're done enjoying the lights, we'll remove them and store them for you for next year for quicker installation! Our lights are often cut to length, meaning they are custom fit to your home. Storing them for you for next season means you can get them up and sparkling even faster, meaning you can enjoy them for longer!

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