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There’s no mistaking the Christmas season in Apopka. Christmas-time in Apopka offers elaborate and detailed lighting displays, and the holiday cheer is palpable.

At TPG Lighting, we offer a full complement of Holiday Light Installations in Apopka! 

From simple to extravagant decor, we offer a variety of colors and styles of lights. These can be displayed on your home’s roof, trees, shrubs, and even lawns. We are a local Christmas light installation company that provides detailed and beautiful displays for homes and businesses, leaving you feeling like you’re in a winter wonderland. 

We can offer you many options for your holiday lighting display such as roof lights, palm tree wraps, and even 3D displays for your home or business. If you want to take your Christmas display to the next level, we can even provide a beautiful Christmas tree with a thousands of lights. Family, friends, and others will be in awe viewing your decorated home or business in Apopka. For your home, neighborhood, or business, we can design an elegant display for you with our Christmas lighting installation services in Apopka!

While you might not want to spend money on Christmas lighting installation, no DIY lighting can ever match up to what experts can offer you. The quality and functionality of your lights ultimately depend on the experts handling them.

With us, you never have to worry about subpar lighting ever again. We choose top-grade functional lighting that will match your home. Choose a color or several, and we will make it all happen. Don’t have your lights go off at an inconvenient time, and don’t frantically try to arrange for alternatives when we’re here to take care of it all for you.

When you’re ready for a free quote, give us a call or fill our the short form on our website and let us do the rest!

Recent Projects

TPG Lighting specializes in installing custom-fit Christmas lights and holiday lights Apopka in your home or office. Our lights are cut to length and wired by a professional so that there are no loose wires, no excess, no extension cords, and no worries! If you’re looking for the perfect way to get your home or office into the holiday spirit, give us a call or fill out our short contact form. We would love to hear from you!

Fairy lights on winter nights are just what Santa ordered!

Home is where the heart is, and that’s especially true during Christmas when your friends and family are gathered. You want to give the best experience to those who come to your home, and lighting can play a crucial role in that. Winter nights can be chilly, but watching mesmerizing lights can make you forget all that!

Christmas Light Installation in Apopka

Apopka is often known as the ‘indoor foliage capital of the world,’ and it can be challenging to make your home distinguishable amongst the extensive greenhouse nurseries. However, when you have The Pressure Guys in Apopka working on your Christmas light installation, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Make your home stand out and ensure that your friends and family enjoy this festive season when they’re at your home. Don’t worry about visiting a lighting store or even the clean-up after, when you’re working with capable experts who know what they’re doing.

Seamless Design – Your home is special to you, and you want to ensure that the lighting displays your home’s uniqueness in all its glory. Our experts help ensure that the best of your home’s features is displayed through our unique lighting. We plan a design specially catered to your home, with custom-cut lighting. You don’t want your home to look like just another house on the street, and that’s how we help. If you have a vision, we help execute it, and if you don’t, we take your likes and inspirations as our starting point. No matter what lighting design you have in mind, we do our best to ensure that your home looks exactly how you want it to look. Many people think that Christmas lighting can be done without a reliable Christmas light installation service, but the reality is harder than it sounds. You might not be able to execute the lighting you’re envisioning in your head, and our experts take that into consideration. Whether you want one color or several, we make it all happen.

Your Safety Is with Us-  A stray wire can end up leading to electrocution or even a fire. A wire that isn’t plugged in properly can lead to a short circuit, and that’s why you need an expert to help you make your Christmas lighting safe. At TPG Lighting, we use quality lighting that helps reduce the chances of any accidents occurring. Not only that, but our experts have also been working in the lighting business for years and know every potential danger that can harm your home and family. They take the utmost precautions, so you don’t have to stay up worrying about the safety hazards of your beautiful Christmas lighting.

Speedy and Reliable – Our Christmas lighting installation company will never make you wait. Lighting is a process that can consume hours, and even days, when you’re not experienced. When you want to ensure a job is well done but don’t want to spend time doing it, that’s where we come in. You can get started with a free consultation that lets us see your home and let you know of possible ideas that could light up your home. Once the planning and design process is over, your lighting will be up in no time at all. You don’t have to wait weeks to ensure that your lighting starts working when we’re here to help you out.

Quality Lighting- When you’re visiting a lighting store, you might not know what the best type of lighting is for your home. You might end up paying too much for lighting that doesn’t deliver the kind of sparkle you’re looking for. However, TPG Lighting never lets you go through any of that hassle. We provide quality lights that are custom-cut for your home, so you don’t have to settle for regular store-bought ones. If the lighting is in need of repair or needs a replacement, we take care of that too. Once you get started with us, the process of getting your lights installed and the clean-up afterward is on us.

We Aim to Please – Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones, and you don’t want to be wasting even a second during the festive season. Our job is to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your Christmas lighting today or in the future. Entrust your home’s lighting during the festive season to us, and never look back. From start to end, we always take your decisions and opinions into consideration. When you want your home in Apopka to look the best of them all, TPG Lighting is here to deliver.

Decking Your Home Up for Christmas- Make this Christmas more special for yourself and your loved ones when you make your home an oasis for all who see it. TPG Lighting helps you ensure that your home looks like what you have in mind. Get the Christmas home you want, and don’t worry about a thing when working with us! Get started with a consultation right away by getting in touch with us.



Start With A FREE Consultation

Bringing an advanced lighting display to your home has never been easier with our professional lighting installation service. Whether it’s for landscape lighting or holiday lighting, we always start with a budget. We can build a $2,000 or a $200,000 display, so a little guidance with the budget goes a long way in the design process to help you get the most bang for you buck. With hundreds of unique ways to customize your property, there are no limits to how amazing we can make your property look. The only limit is your imagination!

Front of House

Crafting A Unique Design

Our team will take your ideas and turn them into reality by designing and assembling the lights and features you want. Whether it’s your roofline, hardscapes, trees, shrubs, lawn, or other features of your home or business, we have the lights and the equipment to install them safely and without damaging your property in the process. Once we all agree on the design, we can order the product and come to your property and install the lights.

Worry-Free Installation

Once we have scheduled the installation, our professional experienced team of light installers will outfit your home or business with lights using only the best and lowest-impact methods according to manufacturers recommendations. We have the equipment and safety gear to ensure a safe installation no matter where it is.


Light Takedown & Free Storage

After the season ends and you're done enjoying the lights, we'll remove them and store them for you for next year for quicker installation! Our lights are often cut to length, meaning they are custom fit to your home. Storing them for you for next season means you can get them up and sparkling even faster, meaning you can enjoy them for longer!

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